About Nicholas

His Story

Nicholas was born April 15th, 2009 with kidney failure. A blockage in his urinary tract while still in the womb caused urine to back up into his kidneys causing severe damage. At one years old, one kidney was removed because it was non functioning while the other was at about 25 percent. He was already […]

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His Future

Nicholas has type O blood type which makes things slightly complicated. People with type O can donated blood or organs pretty much to anyone, but receiving one is a different story. He can only accept an organ from someone with the same blood type. Having the same blood type does not automatically mean you can […]

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Learn More about Kidney Failure.

There is so much that the kidney does that not people realize. Not only does it clean the impurities and toxins in your body, but it can also affect your growth, your appetite, the way food tastes. Because of the severe damage to Nicholas’s kidneys, he’s been taking growth hormones since he was 1 years […]

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